Chewonki Wilderness Trips for Teens~

Summer Camp Supply has teamed up with Chewonki Wilderness Trips to provide a service to Chewonki families to help the process of preparing for a summer away much easier. With over 15 years experience in summer camp and wilderness trips we know how difficult it can be to know what is the "right" gear to have for a particular trip. All of the items you will see on the lists below are of the quality and caliber expected for the trip your child is about to embark upon. We want your child to be able to focus on the experience and not the equipment he/she brought.

Below you will see a title and photo for each trip that Chewonki will be offering this summer. Please click on the photo for the trip that your child will be attending.You will then see a list of items that correlates exactly to the packing list that Chewonki provided you. The list is very comprehensive and if you don't see it on the list you probably don't need it for your trip. You will see a few options in each category. Our hope is to give you varying options for each item in hopes that you can find the item that is right for your child and for your budget. All items are priced at suggested retail or better.

If you are ordering just Chewonki t-shirts, we would like to save you the shipping costs. We will be delivering the shirts directly to Chewonki and they will be distributed by the camp staff. If you are ordering other items as well, the shirts can be shipped direct to you if you would like.

For last minute orders please contact us directly via email. We will make every effort to help you get the necessary equipment in time for your program. We are here to help you have a safe and enjoyable trip.


Chewonki has a limited number of rental items available to campers on a first come first serve basis. This includes Dry Bags, Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads, Bedding Rentals and a small supply of camp uniform rentals. Please select your campers program below to reserve your rental items. If you do not see the desired rental item this means that all available inventory for this item has been spoken for by other campers. 

  • Boatbuilders Expedition

    Boatbuilders Expedition
  • Gaspe Expedition

    Gaspe Expedition
  • George River Expedition

    George River Expedition
  • Maine App. Trail Hike

    Maine App. Trail Hike
  • Maine Coast Kayak

    Maine Coast Kayak
  • Mariners

  • North Woods Canoe

    North Woods Canoe
  • Northeast Rivers

    Northeast Rivers
  • Penobscot Whitewater

    Penobscot Whitewater
  • Thoreau Wabanaki Trail

    Thoreau Wabanaki Trail
  • Umbagog

  • West Branch Explorers

    West Branch Explorers